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10 Strategies for Getting Your College Bound Teen Ready for Sudden Financial Independence

Sending your teenager off to college is a major event in their life and yours. If you want your teen to be ready for the financial independence college life provides, the time to get started is now. This article takes a look at 10 strategies you can use to make sure your teen is financially ready for college life.

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5 Ways to Build Language with Your Toddler

Toddlers are quickly growing and their minds are constantly changing as they take in the world around them. Each organization and pediatric association has different milestones for language development that children should reach before each birthday. To help ensure that your toddler is on track to meet the milestones, you can use these five tips to help extend language and bond with your children.

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Three Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Summer Camp

As summer approaches, you may wonder how to keep your child entertained. Summer day camps provide your child with new experiences while also helping you manage your time. Discover three reasons to enroll your child in summer camp.

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Choosing Single Parenthood: What to Consider If You Think It's Your Best Option

More and more people are choosing to become a single-parent. Some may feel that they're running out of time to have children or have other ambitions in life that they want to pursue after being a mother. It may just be that they feel the time is right to become a parent and are yet to find a suitable partner. This 700-word article explains why some people choose to become a single-parent, some crucial decisions, and what to expect when choosing single parenthood.

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6 Warning Signs That a Child Might Be Addicted to Video Games

Video games are fun, entertaining, and engaging -- for everyone except a small percentage of kids who play them to excess. Are you concerned your child or teen is taking gaming too far? Here are warning signs that they could suffer from video game addiction.

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How Children Learn Through Play

If you think child's play is just that, you might want to rethink your preconceptions. When children play, they are really learning, and the skills they learn can serve them for a lifetime. This article takes a look at some of those benefits, and when you know them, you will never see child's play the same way again.

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