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Anxious Adolescence: Teaching Teens to Manage Stress and Anxiety

The teenage years can be fraught with stress and anxiety as both parents and children deal with uncertainty and new challenges. However, resilience to stress is a learned response and parents play a vital role in teaching their teenagers to manage their anxiety. Help your teens to identify their stressors, problem-solve, avoid catastrophic thinking, and control their lifestyles by using simple techniques to cope with everyday stress and overwhelm.

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Why Teens Still Need Recess

Recess, while still common in elementary schools, is often unheard of at the middle school or high school level. However, teens are still in desperate need of recess for the many benefits it offers. Schools should make adjustments for teens to have daily recess because it improves academic scores, teaches valuable social skills, and leads to healthier lifestyle choices.

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6 Reasons Why Your Teen Needs to Earn Their Own Money

Taking a job or starting a business as a teenager has obvious monetary benefits, but there are many otther advantages as well. Whether your household needs the extra money or your family is already flush with cash, there are plenty of reasons why the teen in your life should be earning their own money. This article takes a look at six big benefits of early employment for teenagers.

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10 Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

Earning their own money provides teenagers with a host of benefits, from helping them develop a strong work ethic to padding their college savings plans. These days it is easier than ever to make money as a teenager, and the fast food joint down the street is far from the only option. This article takes a look at 10 ways teens can earn extra cash.

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8 Smartphone Apps to Keep Teen Drivers Safe (And Reassure Their Nervous Parents)

If you have a teenage driver in your house, you are probably worried about their smartphone use behind the wheel. Those fears are certainly understandable, and smartphones can drive teens to distraction, and into danger. Even so, there are some apps that can actually help new drivers stay safer, and that is the focus of this article.

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Paid Training for New Drivers: 6 Reasons Why a Food Delivery Side Hustle is the Perfect Solution

If the thought of turning your teenage son or daughter loose with the family car fills you with dread, helping them get more experience behind the wheel could help you rest easier. One clever way to help them gain that experience -- and much more -- is with a food delivery side hustle. This article takes a look at six reasons this unique type of gig work is the perfect fit for newly minted drivers.

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