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To Learn Languages Fast, Use Comprehensible Input

Language-learning techniques used in schools include memorization of vocabulary lists, formal instruction in grammatical rules, and slow writing exercises. Often neglected are reading and listening, which are the most research-backed methods for learning languages quickly and fluently. By taking advantage of the linguistic model known to academics as comprehensible input, you can supercharge your language learning and achieve your goals.

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Why English Can Be a Struggle for Chinese Learners

This article is brief look into a couple of the challenges faced by Chinese learners of English, namely the linguistic difficulties that can make the transition to English a challenge and a learning environment that is not conducive to language acquisition.

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7 Ways the Internet Makes Language Learning Easier

While it is not always easy to learn a new language, there are online tools that can simplify your learning experience. While some resources were specifically created for language students, other tips in the article will prompt you to adapt an existing resource to serve your purposes.

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5 Easy and Practical Tips for Learning a New Language 

The ability to speak a new language is a handy skill to have. The good news is that you can achieve a working ability to read, write and speak in a new language even if you just have 20 minutes to spare each day. Read on to know how you can learn a new language with ease.

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Learn a New Language: 5 Tips

Learning a new language? It can be difficult for some people but there is a sure and steady way to start speaking a new language with ease. Start with these 5 tips.

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FYI: Common Acronyms Used in the Business World

Strange combinations of letters in bowl of alphabet soup may be amusing, but strange combinations of letters in a business letter or document can be confusing. Acronyms, words formed with the first letter of words in a phrase, abound in the business world. Getting a grasp of common acronyms utilized in this context makes business transactions less mysterious.

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