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Going for a Dip? 5 Tips to Prevent Swimmer's Ear

Swimmer's ear, or otitis externa, is a painful infection that inflames the outer ear. Without proper precautions, jumping into the pool or lake makes water fill the ear canal. When water can't escape the ear canal's confines, infection ensues. How can swimmers stay off the sidelines and submerged underwater? This article gives swimmers five tips to prevent swimmer's ear and enjoy their favorite sport safely.

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Four Fun Activities to Enjoy in Your Backyard Pool

Have you been considering a backyard pool? If so, it's time to consider some of the fun things you can do in your pool. This article discusses four games you and your kids can play in your pool to make it fun place to have a great time with your family and friends.

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Increasing Your Swimming Speed

Swimming speed depends on natural ability and technique. While you can't do anything about your natural ability, you can improve your technique. This article explains how to increase your swimming speed by improving your technique.

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Michael Phelps’ Quest to Play Better Golf

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has already conquered the swimming pool. Now he is moving on to the golf course. This article takes a look at the new game this accomplished athelete has been playing.

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Learn About Freestyle Swimming

Swimming is the king of cardio exercises that burns calories as well as tones the muscles. Most articles written on swimming tell the benefits of this wonderful exercise, but few dwell on the intricate movements involved in swimming. This article tries to break down the process behind freestyle swimming.

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Benefits of Competitive Swimming for Children

There are many benefits for children who take part in competitive swimming. Alongside the fact they will be getting great exercise and learning terrific technique, children who swim competitively learn many life lessons and develop a number of personal attributes that will help them in other aspects of their life. Children who win medals are often top of their class academically as well because they learn to apply the same winning techniques both in and out of the pool.

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