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Teaching Piano to Preschoolers: Five Things to Cover in the First Lessons

When teaching piano to preschoolers, it's important to make sure that the first few lessons get off to a good start. Besides forming a connection with your young student, you'll also want to introduce them to a few simple music theory concepts so that they can go on to be accomplished musicians someday. This article summarizes five things that you should cover in the first few piano lessons with preschoolers.

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Forming a Connection with Your Young Music Student

Music lessons can be daunting for a young child, and it doesn't help when the teacher is as frightening and unfamiliar as the instrument to be learned. A rapport between student and teacher is just as important as the techniques and theories taught in the lesson. This article summarizes a few ways you can make a connection with your young music student.

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Event Security is More Important Than Ever Before

In an increasingly dangerous world event security has never been more important. That is why it is so important for event organizers to take safety seriously, and why hiring the right security team is so vital. This article takes a look at the importance of event security and why hiring the right firm is so important.

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Music Matters: How to Use Tunes to Change Your Mood

Many people love listening to music. They know it affects their mental state but might not use it to change their mood. How songs influence them is a matter of chance rather than choice. This article offers a basic understanding of how to pick tunes to alter your mindset. It covers BPM, or beats per minute, and listening length, and it references a study showing songs change perception.

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5 Best Apple AirPods Alternatives For Every Budget

If you're looking for wireless earphones, Apple AirPods aren't your only option. Whether you want cheaper earphones, earbuds with better battery life, or in-ear headphones with superior sound quality, there are many great options. This 1100-word, SEO-friendly blog covers 5 of the best Apple AirPods alternatives for every budget.

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10 Unusual but Beautiful Songs for Funerals

There are thousands of brilliant songs out there - yet you tend to hear the same ones used again and again at funerals. In this article we highlight ten more unusual choices guaranteed to lend any farewell an air of elegance and originality.

Words: 848   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: James Borrowash

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