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Shen Yun: New York Group is the World's Largest Classical Chinese Dance Troupe

Shen Yun Performing Arts is probably the leading classical Chinese dance troupe in the world. Wrapped up in a love of ancient Chinese dance, its New York-based dancers also hold certain spiritual beliefs as outlined by Li Hongzhi. Li was instrumental in founding the company. Read about the troupe and some of the foundations of long-lived Chinese dance. Learn too why Falun Dafa, the spiritual movement that grounds this group of dancers, was banned in China.

Words: 796   Downloads: 0   Category: Performing Arts   By: Linda Riggins

Want to Be a Better Dancer? These 5 Ideas Can Help

Being a good dancer can come with all kinds of social benefits. But how do you be a better dancer? There are ideas about dance you should keep in mind, and prepare your body with. This article has tips.

Words: 648   Downloads: 0   Category: Performing Arts   By: George deGeyter

The Importance of Posture in Singing

It is a critique that young singers hear all too often—"Stand up straight!". While it may be frustrating to hear time and time again, improving posture early on can make an incredible impact on vocal ability which will last a lifetime. Although it may seem like singing starts and ends in the vocal cords and mouth, it is actually far more involved than that. Beautiful and powerful singing requires the full body in correct alignment in order to avoid injury and strain. This article will not only discuss why posture is so vital to proper vocal technique but also what good singing posture looks like and how to achieve it.

Words: 1089   Downloads: 0   Category: Performing Arts   By: Meredith Johnson

3 Flooring Fails for That Every B-Boy/girl Should Avoid!

Floor fails not only cramp the style of a b-boy or b-girl but can also cause serious injuries too. Read on for 3 well-known dance floor choices every dancer should avoid if they are serious about their breakin’.

Words: 474   Downloads: 0   Category: Performing Arts   By: RCole

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Your First Guitar

Choosing your first guitar to buy is a big decision. You'll want to avoid falling into any pitfalls that can trap the unwary beginner. Here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing your first guitar.

Words: 510   Downloads: 0   Category: Performing Arts   By: Tabitha Richert

Why Actors Need Mentors

An overview of why it is necessary for an actor to have a mentor for navigating their career. Instructions on how to choose a mentor and effectively use their expertise to advance your career. A step-by-step guide to finding a mentor who is the right fit for you.

Words: 794   Downloads: 0   Category: Performing Arts   By: Chayla

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