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The Lowdown on Photographic Filters

This article outlines the types and uses of photographic filters, including ultraviolet, skylight, neutral density and graduated filters. It considers the origins of filters for film photography, but explains how some filter effects cannot be replicated using digital media and editing. It also mentions some basic practicalities of mounting filters on lenses.

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Choosing Lenses for Photography

This is a guide to choosing a photographic lens. It describes the distinction between prime and zoom lenses, as well as the significance of focal length, crop factor and aperture. The article relates the features of each lens type to a type of photography, explaining, for example, why a fast zoom lens will be better suited to sports than to landscape photography.

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Beginning to Take Good Photographs

This article offers some tips for new photographers to help them improve their pictures. It outlines guidelines for composition, such as the rule of thirds. It is aimed at beginners and is not specific to any particular type of camera.

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The Uncanny Valley

The experience of the uncanny valley brings our uneasiness with the creation of virtual worlds to the forefront of our consciousness. When we experience the uncanny valley we are confronted by an abstraction that falls away from the neat categories we use to navigate simulated realities. The uncanny valley reminds us of the precariousness of artifice.

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Top 5 Reasons to Use Manual Lenses on Your Camera

Manual lenses are often seen as obsolete and unnecessary, especially when you have precise and ultra-sharp lenses that can take great awesome photos no matter what camera body you use. However, there are many reasons why using manual lenses can add another dimension to your photography hobby or practice. Start with these 5 reasons.

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Photography 101: 5 Tips for Posing Non-Models  

Knowing how to pose subjects is one of the essential skills photographers must learn. It can get extra challenging when you have non-models and naturally shy subjects in front of your camera. You can overcome this hurdle by knowing how to create an environment that is comfortable, relaxed and conducive for natural, camera-worthy movements. Read on for tips on how to do this.

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