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How to Convince People to Buy Your Product on Kickstarter

This piece covers the steps you need to take in order to persuade people to buy your product on Kickstarter. The piece starts off by outlining each of the steps in the introduction. It then describes each of the four steps in greater detail and wraps up with a conclusion stating how you can get people to buy your product with a great Kickstarter campaign.

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3 Reasons Why It’s the Golden Age of Crowdfunding

The concept of crowdfunding has come a long way, and is undoubtedly reaching new heights. More available and profitable than ever, there are specific factors at play which are causing the golden era of crowdfunding.

Words: 377   Downloads: 0   Category: Fundraising   By: Megan Calm

5 Tips for a Successful Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

This is a list of a few things entrepreneurs can prepare prior to embarking on a crowdfunding campaign. They will greatly improve the chances of a successful campaign result. This article is appropriate for a business website, blog, or social media post.

Words: 776   Downloads: 0   Category: Fundraising   By: Victoria Duff

Entrepreneurs - Have You Tried Crowdfunding?

Many entrepreneurs struggle to find funding for their startups or small companies. This article gives an introduction to equity crowdfunding in the United States, how to find companies that provide such services, and what to expect. It is appropriate for websites that specialize in business-related content and blogs that target entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses looking for funding.

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7 Tips Entrepreneurs Can Use When Preparing a Business Loan Application

For entrepreneurs, getting a business loan can often make or break their venture. Some entrepreneurs need the loan just to get off the ground, while others need the loan to scale operations to the next level. Fortunately, there is much they can do to make the loan application more smoothly. Detailed in the article are 7 tips that will help accomplish that goal.

Words: 826   Downloads: 0   Category: Fundraising   By: Patrick Ebarle

Review of Rebuilding You

In his book "Rebuilding You", Tej Kohli lays out the lessons he's learned from years of experience in philanthropy. Through his eponymous organization, Kohli has set out to end poverty-driven corneal blindness by 2035. This is the passion of his life, and in his book he lays out ways for potential philanthropists to find a cause which is little-known and unmet in the world.

Words: 538   Downloads: 0   Category: Fundraising   By: Dave Van Kooten

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