We have some exciting news to share with you today: Lightstream Studio 2 is now JOBY Studio! This change might be a little unexpected, but we’re confident that this move will allow us to offer more features and capabilities to creators across the globe.

First, some quick headlines:

  • Studio 2 is now JOBY Studio and available at jobystudio.com
  • JOBY Studio features a brand new free tier. No credit card or trial required!
  • And with one simple $10 per month plan, it is easy to understand the benefits and upgrade when you are ready.
  • All backed by the same Lightstream engineering and support teams you know and trust.
  • Studio 2 will remain online until March 2nd so you have a little time to switch to JOBY Studio.
  • The original Lightstream Studio will still be available at golightstream.com with its plans for our gaming and technical creators.

As you probably know, JOBY is a huge global brand with a long history of being creator-first. With a focus on empowering photographers, videographers, and content creators, JOBY has built a reputation for delivering innovative and versatile products that help creators capture their stories.

By Lightstream Studio 2 becoming JOBY Studio, we’re not only aligning our common goals, but we’re also signaling our commitment to expanding our capabilities and offerings to creators around the world. And with the same engineering and support teams that you know and trust, you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

We’re also excited to announce that JOBY Studio features a brand new free tier, with no credit card or trial required! This will make it even easier for creators to get started live streaming and experience the power and flexibility of our platform. And with one simple paid tier, it’s easy to upgrade when you’re ready to take your streams to the next level.

We built Studio 2 with the goal of empowering creators of all kinds, whether you’re producing podcasts, cooking shows, art shows, webinars, fitness classes, or any other kind of content. Our easy workflow featuring automagic layouts, intro and outro videos, multistreaming, and the ability to invite up to 10 guests on the show was designed to make it easy and fast to produce high-quality live streams.

All of this and more is now available as JOBY Studio! And as we move forward under the JOBY brand, we’re excited to continue building our platform and adding new features and capabilities that will help creators of all kinds achieve their creative goals. We have a big roadmap ahead, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback and ideas as we continue to develop and improve JOBY Studio.

Change can be difficult, but we’re confident that the future is bright for JOBY Studio. We hope you’ll join us on this journey as we work to empower creators everywhere with the tools they need to capture amazing stories.

Thank you for your support and trust,
Stu and the Lightstream Crew