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5 Wine Storing Tips for Apartments or Houses Without a Cellar

If you love wine but aren't fortunate enough to own a house with a cellar or at least a basement, you must consider your wine storing options carefully. This article provides some information on choosing the right location for short or mid-term storage. It offers examples of rooms that you have to avoid, and examines crucial factors that affect wine, such as temperature fluctuations, vibrations, exposure to sunlight, and humidity. It also suggests upgrading your storage with a wine cooling unit once wine bottles start to accumulate. Finally, the aritcle mentions the necessity of professional wine storage for preserving fine vintages long term.

Words: 609   Downloads: 0   Category: Collecting   By: M.J. Ricott

A Short History of Antique German Bisque Dolls

Some people collect German-made dolls with bisque heads. Here’s a brief summary of six of the doll making companies from the late 19th century through the early decades of the 20th century. Only one specific doll is mentioned. This discussion ends with 11 short tips for collectors.

Words: 1316   Downloads: 0   Category: Collecting   By: Linda Riggins

Collectible Paperweights

With their delicate, colorful beauty, antique paperweights have long been popular collectors' items. From the mid 1840s until today glass makers have created a plethora of paperweight designs. Learn about their history, different styles and the brands to watch for.

Words: 430   Downloads: 0   Category: Collecting   By: L. Newberry

Flea Market Smarts - Advanced Browsing and Buying Tips

Learning to make the best of flea markets takes time and experience. A collection of tips from traders and collectors who regularly haunt sales and flea markets can help you become a smarter, better buyer. Learn to spot the hidden bargains, even when they're not on display!

Words: 651   Downloads: 0   Category: Collecting   By: Andrea Kirkby

How To Preserve Your Favorite Photos

Photos provide joy in many lives and help researchers to get a better picture of the topic they’re studying. But unless steps are taken to preserve photos, most will deteriorate over time. In discussing how to preserve prints, negatives and slides, this article covers conditions that harm photos, archival products and where to buy them, how to display photos safely and more. There is also a brief discussion of how the budget-conscious can preserve photos.

Words: 1176   Downloads: 0   Category: Collecting   By: Linda Riggins

Season Three of Shopkins

Kids have fallen head over heels for the adorable Shopkins merchandise. There are figures, collectible cards, and other toys that make Shopkins special to the elementary school set. Season Three's additions were some of the best.

Words: 537   Downloads: 0   Category: Collecting   By: gebbysmith

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