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Cloudmine Ag in Venezuela

Cloudmine AG leverages political uncertainty in Venezuela. Highly subsidized energy production works to the advantage of Bitcoin mining operations. Venezuela is a high-risk, high reward area for CloudMine AG's operations.

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Nicaragua’s Bid to Compete with Panama in the Interoceanic Canal Game

In December 2014 a Chinese company broke ground on a new canal connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans across Nicaragua. When the canal is finished it will provide a competitor to the Panama Canal which, at over a hundred years old, is struggling to cope with container ship numbers and size. This article looks at the plans for the Nicaragua Canal and the controversies which it has engendered.

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Of Spain and Egypt in the New World - Cholula, Mexico

Cholula, Mexico has both a fascinating history, being the fulcrum of a pivotal point in Spanish conquest of Central America, but also housing the largest pyramid on Earth. The significance of this city in Mexican history is explored and the astounding feature of a pyramid under construction over 1200 years examined. This city deserves to be better known and appreciated in the tourist travels of people visiting Mexico.

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