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Guide to National Holidays in Ecuador

Ecuador celebrates a long list of national holidays. Learn the when, why, and how for enjoying holidays in Ecuador.

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Volunteering in Ecuador

Ex-pats residing in Ecuador can avail themselves of the vast beauty of the country. But this country is also a land of great needs due to poverty and lack of government help. Volunteering time to assist organizations which address identified needs is a great way to give back. The talent or expertise should be identified as well as the general category or help to provide. Researching volunteer opportunities can be done via word of mouth or via the internet. Sample opportunities with contact information are provided in the article. Volunteering is a win-win proposition which provides the volunteer with satisfaction and organization with much needed help.

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Ayahuasca – The Amazonian Vine of the Soul

Ayahuasca is called the "vine of the soul" in the Amazon regions of South America. Ceremonies conducted by shamans are said to cure people of many ailments and diseases, including depression, anxiety and addictions – even types of cancer. Are you ready to experience other worlds? Do you want to discover your purpose on earth and make contact with extra-dimensional beings? Maybe experiencing ayahuasca is for you.

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Pink Dolphins of the Amazon

The Amazon River pink dolphin has intrigued people for many years. These legendary mammals, also called "Botos" and "encantados", live in the Amazon and Orinoco River systems, in the countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Venezuela. Local folklore portrays them as shapeshifters and wizards, capable of impregnating local girls and causing nightmares.

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Saying Hello in Uruguay: The Kiss Greeting

In Uruguay, it is the custom to greet people with a single kiss on the right cheek. The kiss greeting is widely used in both social and business contexts. Learn about the mechanics of the Uruguayan kiss greeting, when it is appropriately used, and who does it.

Words: 617   Downloads: 0   Category: South America   By: Sarah K. Watson

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