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 13 of Africa's Most Mysterious Mythological Figures

This article examines 13 African mythological figures. These important cultural icons include Adroa, Huveane and Mami Wata. In addition, this article discusses the regional importance of these figures and their contribution to local culture.

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13 Scary Mythical Creatures from the Philippines 

This article describes 13 mythical creatures from the Philippines. These frightening creatures include the aswang, duwende, sirena, and sigbin. In addition, this article highlights the way that these creatures are believed to torment mankind.

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Statue of Liberty Restorations

The Statue of Liberty, one of the most revered national landmarks symbolizing the nation´s ideals of freedom, has required several restoration projects that were needed in order to maintain the monument. The article focuses on the restorations that occurred in the 1980s in preparation for the monument´s bicentenial, but also recounts renovations that occurred following 9/11, as well as in 2011.

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Hellenized Jews

Alexander the Great conquered Egypt and Palestine. After his death, Greek culture influenced the people of these regions for nearly 300 years. Exciting Hellenistic values were popular among many Jews. However, they ran counter to Judaism and were ultimately rejected.

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The Celtic Calendar of Life

Before Christianity spread throughout the British Isles, the lunar calendar guided Celtic life. The night was the beginning of the new day. The Celtic calendar was based on the elliptical orbit of the earth. Phases of the moon were associated with difference, specific characteristics and believed to affect human emotions.

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Druids: Guides of the Ancient Celtic People

The ancient Druids of Ireland were tribal leaders who were often more powerful than the Celtic kings and queens. There was a distinctive structure to order of these Celtic leaders: bards, ovates,and druids. The Romans provided the most detailed record of observations.

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