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Your Memories Might Not Be as Accurate as You Think

You might think your memories are accurate, but the chances are, they change. The way you see events from the past alters with each retelling. This article explains how you inadvertently mold your memories. It also describes how to use the malleability of your recollections for your benefit.

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8 Surprising Signs of Intelligence Not to Overlook

People used to think traditional IQ tests, otherwise known as intelligence quotient tests, were adequate for measuring intelligence. Now, many also recognize more holistic and accurate methods to appraise an individual's intellect. This article looks at eight qualities experts often regard as signs of intelligence.

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Star Wars Movie Franchise Trivia

The trivia questions are categorized by film, separated from broader ones about the franchise as a whole. All of the answers are verified correct. The questions are widely varied between characters, locations, plot lines, actors, and more. Questions about the anthology films and the unreleased films are also included.

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Patterns Play a Greater Part in Your Life Than You Think

All life follows patterns. While some are helpful, others, such as self-sabotage, damage you. This article explains what patterns are and how they have the power to halt progress. It describes the best way to overcome them and design helpful templates to adopt and consolidate as fresh behavior.

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How Well Do You Know Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson has entertained fans around the world with his unique style of comedy, but there are plenty of surprises in his life and his career. Are you sure you know everything about this diverse British actor and comedian? Test your knowledge with these10 questions that revisit some of his work and his private life. Along with the answers, a few bonus facts are included.

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How Well Do You Know the Eagles?

As one of the most popular music groups of the seventies, The Eagles ruled the charts for almost a decade. How well do you know its members and their music? Test your knowledge with this fun ten question quiz that will take back down memory lane and also look at their impact on popular culture. The answers follow, with a few bonus trivia factoids thrown in.

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