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Feathered Forecasters – Predicting the Weather by Observing Bird Behaviors

This article discusses how, over the course of history, certain bird behaviors have been observed to be predictive of weather changes. Some make a bit of sense scientifically while others don't seem to make any sense at all, but you may be curious as to whether they actually work. The conclusion suggests that the reader spend some time outdoors, observe the birds in their area, and give these methods a try just for the fun of it. They may, of course, need to listen for the untimely crowing of a rooster to let them know when to go back indoors.

Words: 718   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Reese Kimmons

Choosing Training Devices for Tail Wags

Easily discover training devices best suited for your animal. Training can be a fun goal for both you and your companion. Learn how to set up your pet to win!

Words: 542   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Sweet Kimberly Sue

Ditch the Aquarium - Why You Should Start an Ecosphere

This article introduces readers to the world of ecospheres - the low cost, no maintenance alternative to traditional aquariums. An ecosphere is a closed container in which plants, animals, and algae all work together to maintain their own self-contained environment without outside influence. This article first gives a brief overview of ecospheres and their benefits, then simple instructions for how to start your own ecosphere.

Words: 641   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Tim Hawthorne

Tips for Photographing Dark Pets

Photographing dark pets can be a major challenge, especially for inexperienced photographers. The problem can usually be solved by adjusting a few camera settings and paying attention to lighting. This article offers a quick rundown of ways to get better pictures of dark pets.

Words: 643   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: BN Blackwell

Fair or Fowl – the Challenges and Satisfactions of Fielding a Backyard Flock

More and more chickens have been popping up in back yards from coast to coast, and you may be thinking of joining in. The allure of fresh free range eggs is certainly strong, but are back yard chickens really right for you? This article takes a look at some key questions to ask yourself before fielding your own flock.

Words: 989   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: beconrad

Four Vital Things You Need to Know Before You Get a Puppy

Puppies are so joyful and adorable: this much is clear. Nonetheless, they are big responsibilities and require constant care. It’s essential to recognize how to look after a puppy before you get your own. This article describes four vital care tips for newbie puppy parents.

Words: 481   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Bridget Webber

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