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Vital Choice Wild Seafood and Organics: a Comprehensive Review

This is a review of Vital Choice. It includes an introduction, products offered, info on coupons/promo codes, shopping tips and a brief concluding paragraph.

Words: 1288   Downloads: 0   Category: Reviews   By: abbby

A Review of the Coxpal A9d Dual Dashcam

This article reviews the Coxpal A9D dashcam. Anyone who drives for Uber or Lyft needs a dashcam. There are many to choose from and it can be confusing trying to get the one that will work best while not overspending. This article looks at the feature set of the Coxpal A9D and then reviews the practical use of the camera in a real life test. The review is subjective by nature and provides commentary on how well the features were implemented.

Words: 882   Downloads: 0   Category: Reviews   By: Tony Kaz

5 Good Bug Sprays to Use This Summer

A review of 5 different bug spray products to help keep the bugs away this summer. Includes different types of products: a backyard treatment spray, DEET type skin repellents, for clothing only, and plant-based sprays. Gives recommendations on whether the products are safe for kids and their relative efficacy versus other similar products.

Words: 505   Downloads: 0   Category: Reviews   By: Tony Kaz

How to Select and Buy the Right Wire Rope Cutter for the Job at Hand

There are many types of wire cutters out there, and they all have special purposes. Knowing which type of wire cutter works best for each specific job is a requirement of providing quality work. If you don't know much about wire cutters, here are several examples of the types, the jobs they're meant for, and how much they're going to cost you.

Words: 932   Downloads: 0   Category: Reviews   By: Ryan Avery

Choosing the Right Wire Rope Cutter

This article includes information on the variety of wire rope cutters available and the different features they may contain. It refers to the materials and styles available to give customers advice on how to make the right selection when purchasing a wire rope cutter. Each section explores how different types of cutters can be more suitable for different types of wires and working environments.

Words: 1159   Downloads: 0   Category: Reviews   By: Rene23

A Snapshot Review of the Pentax K—1

This article is a "snapshot" review of a high-end camera, the Pentax K-1. It explains what makes the camera exciting, then hits some solid pros and cons to inform photographers what the most important elements are.

Words: 323   Downloads: 0   Category: Reviews   By: LucyMerriman

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