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4 Essential Reasons to Hire Beta Readers for Your Novel

If you have written a novel, it is important to get external feedback from beta readers before querying agents or publishers, or self-publishing your work. Beta readers can spot issues that you simply cannot because a writer lacks objectivity over their work. This article focuses on four important elements of writing that beta readers give feedback on, and explains why their insights are invaluable.

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5 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer's block is a universal annoyance faced by both amateur and professional authors. Luckily, there are some simple exercises you can try to unblock yourself and write freely. This article details 5 great ways to combat writer's block.

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Advertising Copywriting: Do You Have What It Takes?

Advertising copywriting is a highly specialized discipline. Apart from demanding above-average writing skills, it requires you to be imaginative, empathetic, visually oriented, and well informed. This piece focuses on a few innate qualities required for a successful career in copywriting.

Words: 957   Downloads: 0   Category: Creative Writing   By: Pierre Francis

How Creative Writing Can Be Beneficial to Mental Health

There are many reasons why writing can be beneficial as a hobby, not to mention a career. However, if it's not your preferred way of generating income, there are several reasons why writing, even as a hobby, can be massively beneficial to your mental health.

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How to Handle a Dry Spell in Your Writing

Writer's block is no joke; especially if you have an upcoming deadline for a writing project. You can either sit staring at a blank screen or page, or you can do something productive to handle this dry spell. This article shares four steps you can take to help you get through this period of writer's block.

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Dark Night in Nottingham

Finishing my second pint of strong boxed cider, I left out the already-open back gate having lost my front door keys some days before. I had a quarter pouch of rolling tobacco in my back pocket, twenty-five-pounds in my front and plans to meet my mate Tom on the tennis team’s night out and later my oldest friend George and his flatmate Lena.  Hours later I had caught up with George and Lena at Canal Bar. After several shots and vodka mixes, all of us were sloppy and Lena was all over the place, accidentally-on-purpose falling backwards into a group dancing behind us in what looked like a half-assed attempt at a stage dive.  The closing lights flickered on some time after 3am illuminating the messy scene in a sterile, hospital glow, but I was in no mind to keep track of time. Looking around at the sea of people on the dance floor, I saw Lena fall back once more but this time - perhaps due to the lack of music - the group were not ready to receive her and she fell flat on the floor with a sickening slap. What followed was a complete mess…

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