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Job Interview Tips: How to Make an Excellent First Impression

Making an excellent first impression is vital when you attend job interviews. This article shows how to do just that. It boosts positivity, explains how to reduce the jitters, and outlines how to appear perfect for the job.

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Three Ways to Stand Out as a Job Candidate in a Competitive Market

You perfected your resume and submitted the job application. Within a few days, you receive a call inviting you to your first interview. Exciting, right? At this point, the company is most likely talking to a number of candidates. As a result, it's critical to be as prepared as possible for the next steps. Here are three ways to leave a lasting impression when interviewing.

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Is That Supposedly Lucrative Side Hustle a Scam in Disguise? Key Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Side hustles are all the rage these days, but some of them are not all they are cracked up to be. If the offer you are getting seems too good to be true, it just might be a scam. This article takes a look at the warning signs you need to be aware of to avoid these shady side hustlers.

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The Real Cost of Remote Work: Is It Worth the Hype? 

Remote work has proved to be the saving grace for many companies the world over. A shift towards remote work has shown many employers and employees that alternative ways of approaching work can prove beneficial and even advantageous. However, remote work does not come free of all downsides. Read on for a more objective look at remote work and the costs that come with it.

Words: 739   Downloads: 0   Category: Careers   By: Joselle A.

Job Interviews: How to Write a Follow-Up Email

This brief article provides instructions on writing a follow-up email after a job interview. Job seekers should continue to follow up if they haven't been hired and the job position is still open to keep their names fresh in the interviewer's mind. There are also tips at the end about how to make sure your email is effective but not annoying.

Words: 655   Downloads: 0   Category: Careers   By: Guy Andersin

6 Tips for Non-Verbal Communication in a Professional Setting

Human beings communicate in many ways beyond the more widely known use of words. Non-verbal communication is often the initial means of interaction between two people, and it says a lot about an individual. Here are 6 tips for conveying a professional image in a professional setting, like the workplace.

Words: 909   Downloads: 0   Category: Careers   By: Dr. Kristie

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