JOBY Studio

JOBY is a huge global brand with a long history of being creator-first. With a focus on empowering photographers, videographers, and content creators, JOBY has built a reputation for delivering innovative and versatile products that help creators capture their stories.

We have some exciting news: Lightstream Studio 2 is now JOBY Studio!

The quick headlines:

  • Studio 2 is now JOBY Studio and available at
  • JOBY Studio features a brand new free tier. No credit card or trial required!
  • With one simple $10 per month plan, it is easy to understand the benefits and upgrade when you are ready.
  • All backed by the same Lightstream engineering and support teams you know and trust.
  • Studio 2 will remain online until March 2nd, so you have a little time to switch to JOBY Studio.
  • The original Lightstream Studio will still be available at with its plans for our gaming and technical creators.

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